Best Bedroom Furniture Sets 2023 - Buy Bedroom Furniture Sets

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Best Bedroom Furniture Sets 2023 - Buy Bedroom Furniture Sets

If you've made it this far, there's a good chance that the days of mismatched, hand-me-down furniture are long gone. At least, we hope they are. And if they aren't, you've come to the right place. Designing a bedroom is no small feat, but it's much easier than you might think. The secret to success? Finding a furniture brand that does the hard work for you, as in, they sell pieces that come in sets.

According to Quentin de Coster, Senior Director of Product and Industrial Design at Thuma, "Matching sets can bring cohesiveness to any space—providing a clean foundation to express your personal style with decor and accessories." Opting for a brand that sells a bedroom set with pieces including a bed frame, nightstand, dresser, mattress, and more can not only make your room look more sophisticated, but it can also pay off in the long run. "If you're buying more than one product from a brand, you're investing," says Quentin. "Make sure you're buying quality made pieces that you’ll keep for a lifetime so that you don't exhaust your investment on something that won't hold up over time."

Additionally, it's important to look for pieces that'll suit your space for years to come. "Go for timeless designs that aren't too trend-driven and you won't get tired of—you'll be seeing a lot of it," explains Sarah Willemart, Senior Industrial Designer at Thuma. "I also recommend looking for modularity (example: can a dresser be added upon over time?) so that your set can grow as your needs change." Essentially, your set should be as adaptable as you are.

So if you're ready to give your bedroom the one-and-done upgrade, the eight brands below are here to serve you and make your life just a little bit easier.

If you want simple sophistication, look no further than Thuma. The furniture brand is all about combining luxury and modesty together, allowing you to create a comfortable yet elegant space. You'll notice that each piece is both functional and unique, meaning you can make your room inherently yours.

"Purchasing furniture in sets from Thuma guarantees both consistency and attention to detail across all your pieces," explains de Coster. The Bed, one of Thuma's bestsellers, was made to be paired with the brand's other top-rated piece: The Mattress. Both of which go hand-in-hand with The Nightstand, and The Dresser. "For example, if you buy a bed from one brand and a mattress for another, there is a high chance that there will be some space between your mattress and bed frame," he says. "When designing The Mattress, we made sure that it fit the internal dimensions of The Bed perfectly. I’ve also found that other brands’ wood stains and colorways can look one way online, but appear differently in person. This can make matching stains hard when buying from multiple brands." We also tried Thuma's modular dresser and it's a pure winner, you can read the review here.

You might know Burrow from its signature modular sectional sofas—all of which have killer reviews. However, the brand has so much more to offer, especially when it comes to bedroom furniture.

In terms of bedroom furniture sets, here's what sets Burrow apart from the rest. The brand offers a wide range of customization options for each piece. To start, the Chorus Bed is offered in three different sizes and two different headboard finishes, or even sans a headboard altogether. Additionally, the Prospect Dresser is also customizable in two finishes and configurations to best fit your space. Then, toss in the Prospect Nightstand and your room is ready to roll.

Lulu and Georgia is your one-stop shop for sophisticated bedroom pieces. The luxe retailer is filled with incredible items that'll make your home look anything but basic. The Ambleside Bed by Ginny Macdonald features a wood-post bedframe paired with an upholstered headboard that'll instantly command a room and make it feel like new. Plus, the upholstered fabric is offered in 12 different colors so you can find the right hue for your space. On top of that, this majestic piece can be coupled with the Ambleside Bench, which can be placed at the foot of the bed, as well as the Ambleside Ottoman, which can add an extra touch of decor to any lonely corner of the bedroom.

Ah, West Elm. A true classic. When it comes to finding furniture that'll suit any space—and make it 10 times cooler—West Elm is a hands-down go-to. The beloved retailer has all kinds of furniture pieces that are sure to amp up any space as well as suit different design styles and aesthetics. Not to mention, it's also the ideal home store for the lazy designer, thanks to its selection of bedroom furniture collections.

Simply pick which design style you like best (the options include everything from mid-century to rustic farmhouse), and let the brand curate a bedroom for you. Personally, we love the mid-century vibe. This Mid-Century Bed comes in four different finishes and has a durable frame that'll last for years. Plus, it effortlessly pairs with a slew of nightstands, dressers, benches, and more.

Complete with a selection of incredibly well-made, eco-friendly furniture, Medley is all about neutrals and earth-tone selections. You can find everything from beds and sleeper sofas to storage chests and nightstands, all of which will fit your less-is-more aesthetic. And when it comes to the bedroom, they've got you covered.

The Palder Bed is the epitome of timeless, consisting of a durable wooden frame with a slatted headboard. (You can opt for the bed with or without a mattress if you already have your own.) When paired with the matching Palder Nightstand, your bedroom will feel like a whole new, low-key luxury.

Castlery is one of our favorite brands, it has all kinds of styles for every home-decor-lover including everything from classic and midcentury to contemporary and modern styles. Plus, compared to some competitors, the prices are great.

Choose between the Emery Build-Your-Own Bedroom Set or the Seb Build-Your-Own Bedroom Set, and your room will be complete in no time. When you choose one of these pain-free options, you'll get a bed, nightstand, and dresser in your set. And one thing we love about its sets are that you can also forgo some of the pieces if you don't want the complete set. Sounds like a win-win to us.

A newcomer to the furniture space that we can't ignore is Sunday's. We awarded Best Dining Table in our Home Awards this year. Known for its sleek yet accessible pieces, Sundays makes furniture that's timeless in both design and durability. Here, you'll find bedroom furniture that elevates your space without being too pretentious.

This Easy Edge Bed is stunning from every angle and features curved lines and a low-profile oak frame. It's not too much, however, it's definitely not too little. Pair it with the Easy Edge Sideboard (which doubles as a nightstand table or even a small dresser), and the Easy Edge Tall Dresser, and your room will look like it's out of a SoCal interior design magazine. Bonus points for decorating with live plants or beach accents.

If you're looking for that in-between store that's not exactly Wayfair but not exactly CB2, let us introduce you to Birch Lane. This relatively-affordable brand has everything you need for your home including living room, patio, and bedroom furniture.

One of our favorite collections, the Nara Collection, features rich, dark wood (solid mahogany, to be exact) that will give your space an air of effortless tastefulness. Match the Nara Solid Wood Bed with the Nara Nightstand or Nara Dresser, and your bedroom will become a dream come true. Not into dark wood? Opt for the lighter Katheryn Collection, which gives off cool farmhouse vibes.

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