Manhattan Local Apartment Moving Company: DIY Truck Rental Guide Launched

When planning a DIY move, renting a moving truck can provide an affordable alternative to making several trips in smaller vehicles, or hiring a professional moving crew. This new report launched by explains the information readers need to know in advance to rent the proper size moving truck and how much it may cost.

More information about renting a moving truck, estimating the truck size required for moving apartments, and a tool for estimating the rates for a variety of professional moving services can be found at Moving Pad Blankets

Manhattan Local Apartment Moving Company: DIY Truck Rental Guide Launched

Aside from the size requirement, there are several important factors that readers should consider before renting a moving truck. The full report contains a list of questions to ask the rental company before making a deposit, which can help to reduce the overall rental rate and ensure that everything can be accomplished in a single trip.

The report explores several important points that should always be settled before agreeing to a rental, such as the cost per mile of travel, and if there are any extra costs per day. While these costs are generally non-negotiable, the report can help users ensure that the rental includes all the required supplies and provides an easy way to compare the rate of a truck rental to a professional moving service.

When possible, specialists suggest renting the necessary moving accessories at the same time as the truck, as these can often be bundled to reduce the overall cost. While the requirements may vary from one move to another, the report suggests that users will need a large supply of moving blankets, and at least one hand dolly or set of moving straps, for heavy furniture or appliances.

Furthermore, the report provides a comprehensive checklist of items that should be evaluated before driving the moving truck, such as headlights, tire inflation, and mirror alignment. It also includes a simple quote request tool that can be used to compare the moving truck rental rates to the rates for a professional moving crew.

This quote request form is available to anyone planning an upcoming move, and provides up to 7 quotes from local moving crews, with no cost or obligation.

More information about quote requests, moving truck rental fees, and a list of pre-screened local moving crews in Manhattan can be found at

Manhattan Local Apartment Moving Company: DIY Truck Rental Guide Launched

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